Month: October 2013


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The fall is good and exciting for me because the temperature is like mostly 60 or 65 degrees. On September 28, which is my birthday, i enjoyed celebrating it with my cousins Trent,Marcus,quannie,and joey. Now, it is the month of October i  feel more excited about this month because i get to go  trick or treating and go to parties with my friends;also, my mom makes some pumpkin pie  for us and it smells good and tasty. in addition, the pumpkin pie is orange and has a big circle around it. Also, in the month of October we celebrate Halloween and most of us are off from school sometimes because of that holiday.Therefore, i see all the pumpkins lid up so we celebrate Halloween and they scare the little kids sometimes whenever the kids are coming to the houses to get some addition, some horror movies will come on television for Halloween night or Halloween weekend such as Michael Myers, Freddy kurgue, chucky, it, jeepers creepers, jeepers creepers 2.